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Challenging Adult, Youth and Child Bible Games

Are You Looking for Cheap and Quick, but Yet Fun and Scriptural, Bible Word Games for Any Age Child or Adult


Have you ever had a need for a good, fun, and scriptural Bible game to use at a church function?
     - Where each Bible game is written specifically for any age child or adult.
     - Where each adult or child Bible game can be obtained in as quick a time as it takes to make a photocopy of it.

Well, the new booklet, SWORD Play: Fun in the WORD, will not only solve these problems, but will challenge, entertain and increase Bible knowledge, all at the same time.

SWORD Play: Fun in the WORD, was developed to fill the need for Bible games at church functions. The games have been compiled into booklet form and are now being offered to you so you can enjoy the same benefits others have enjoyed through using them. 


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Some of the benefits of these games are: 

  • No preparation is needed for most of the games. They just need to be photo-copied and distributed to the people.
  • They have been designed to play in group gatherings, whether they be Sunday School, picnics, fellowship socials, Vacation Bible School or parties.
  • Bible based games have been developed for special occasions like ‘Going Away Parties', '40th Birthday Parties', or 'Baby Showers'. Other games are based on Bible characters, Bible chronology or special. days like Christmas or New Years.
  • All the games are based on the King James Version of the Bible and no reference is made to Church history or denominational creeds.

SWORD Play: Fun in the WORD comes in three editions: Adult, Youth and Children. These younger editions can be used for fun or for helping to learn - whether it be at Sunday School, VBS, or Youth meetings.

If you are interested in promoting Bible knowledge in a fun and stimulating manner, this booklet is for you. Each booklet normally sells for $6.00, but as a special to this site, you can have all three for one low price of $5.95. That is $5.95 for 60 games!

Since each booklet contains 20 games and hundreds of questions, we are confident you will be completely satisfied or we will gladly refund your purchase price.

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 Sample Questions

From 'The Number 40 in Scripture'
     Who was 40 yrs old when he went to spy out the land?

From 'Bible Definitions'
     What is a Nethinim?

a.   A stone in the high priest's breastplate
b.   Servants of the Temple
c.   Those associated with evil spirits
d.   A type of jackal

From '3's in Scripture'
     What do Animals, Manna and Mrs. Japheth have in common?

From 'Departures and Journeys'
     What woman journeyed from a foreign country and found a husband?

From the Youth’s 'Bible - 'Fact or Fiction'
     True of False - God told Zeniel, the prophet, to live 40 days in a tree.

From the Youth's 'Famous Men in the Bible'
     Who worked hard for his wives?

From the Youth’s 'Name the Person Who’
     Who rocked a giant to sleep?

From the Children’s 'Famous Men in the Bible'
     Who was the first person to see Roy G. Biv?

From the Children's '3's in Scripture'
     What do Mirror, Water and Sword have in common?

From the Children’s 'Wear, Feed or Grow It'
Is Anise something you Wear, Feed or Grow?


Game Categories

To give you an idea of the types of Bible games, here is a list of categories that the Bible games have been divided into....

Bible Books
Bible Characters
Bible Chronology
Bible Facts
Bible Journeys
Bible Numbers
Bible Words
Special Days

Table of Contents

Listed below are the Table of Contents from the different editions. Bible games are available from the youngest school age child through adult.

Games can be used individually for testing or learning Bible knowledge or can be used at special parties. Some games are made for use in groups, such as picnics, parties or fellowships.

All games are based on the King James Version of the Bible.

 Adult Edition

  • Bible Characters
  • Babies in the Bible               (Ideal for  a Baby Shower!)
  • Famous Men in the Bible 
  • Famous Women in the Bible 
  • Distinct Bible People 
  • Famous Duos                              (This is a group game.)
  • Famous Combo's                        (This is a group game.)
  • Bible Chronology
  • Bible Timeline                              (This is a group game.)
  • Bible Numbers
  • Numbers in the Bible
  • The Number 30 in Scripture  
                                    (Ideal for at a 30th Birthday Party!)
  • The Number 40 in Scripture         
                                    (Ideal for at a 40th Birthday Party!)
  • Bible Words 
  • Bible Definitions
  • 3's in Scripture
  • 3's in Scripture II
  • 3's in Scripture III
  • It's Greek to Me!
  • Bible Journeys
  • Making Tracks          
                                     (Ideal for use at a Farewell Party!)
  • Departures and Journeys       
                                     (Ideal for use at a Farewell Party!)
  • Special Days
  • Find the Christmas Message
  • Christmas Addition
  • New Years Crossword

Youth Edition

  • Bible Facts
  • Bible- Fact or 'Fiction'
  • Bible Books
  • In What Book? 
  • Bible Book Order
  • Bible Characters
  • Famous Men in the Bible                            (Grades 7-9)
  • Famous Men in the Bible                          (Grades 9-12)
  • Famous Women in the Bible                       (Grades 7-9)
  • Famous Women in the Bible                     (Grades 9-12)
  • All About Jesus Crossword
  • Name the Person Who ....
  • Forbidden Words                        (This is a group game.)
  • Where Did Jesus ...?
  • Bible Chronology
  • Which Came First? 
  • Bible Timeline
  • Bible Words
  • Wear, Feed or Grow 
  • It 3's in Scripture
  • It's Greek to Me!
  • Bible Verses
  • Find the Verse Match the Verse
  • Special Days
  • L - 0 - V - E                                        (Valentine's Day)
  • Thanksgiving Day Scramble

Children Edition

  • Bible Characters
  • Famous Men in the Bible                             (Grades 1-3)
  • Famous Men in the Bible                             (Grades 4-6)
  • Famous Women in the Bible                        (Grades 1-3)
  • Famous Women in the Bible                        (Grades 4-6)
  • Name the Person Who ...
  • Bible Character Crossword
  • Bible Chronology
  • Which Came First?
  • Bible Words 
  • What Am I?
  • 3's in Scripture
  • Wear, Feed or Grow It
  • Code Word
  • Bible Books 
  • Bible Word Puzzles - Inspired                               (N.T.)
  • Bible Word Puzzles - All About Jesus       (O.T. & N.T.)
  • Bible Word Puzzles - God's Word            (O.T. & N.T.)
  • Bible Word Puzzles - Epistles and Minor Prophets
  • Bible Book Order
  • Old Testament Book Classification
  • New Testament Book Classification
  • Find the Message
  • Special Day
  • Thanksgiving Day Scramble

Frequently Asked Questions:

How did you ever come up with a name like that ?
     As you know, the words "Sword" and "Word" are often used as other names for the Bible. The games are challenging, hence the phrase "Sword Play", which signifies a challenge, game, or battle of wits or knowledge. People have a good deal of "Fun" playing these games. Putting everything together, you have this long title signifying a fun and challenging game based on the Word of God.

What exactly do I have to do to use these games?
     Just select an appropriate game and make photo copies, then pass them out to the people and have at it. Some group games require you to only make one copy which you then cut apart for the participants.

How can these books save me time and/or money?
     After you own the book, you will have them available to use. Then when a need for a game comes up, you just get the book and make copies. You no longer have to run around and look for a game or spend time making a game. It's just that simple.

Do these games include references to certain denominational traditions, of which I might not be familiar?
     No. There is no reference to any denomination, tradition, practices or whatever. Every game is based solely on the King James Version of the Bible.

Can these games be used for anything other than church activities?
     While many of the bible games can be used for Sunday School, vacation Bible school or other  Youth activities, there are many games which can be used for other occasions. For instance, there are games which are appropriate for 30th or 40th birthday parties. (These games would deal with the number 30 or 40 in the scriptures.) There is a game which could be used at a Baby Shower. (This obviously would deal with babies in the Bible.) There are games appropriate for 'Going Away Parties'. There are games which could be used at Christmas, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving or New Years. There are even some group games which could be used at church picnics or other fellowships.

How many games are there?
     There are 20 games in each book.

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Bruce Dinger

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