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(and all you have to do to get started is spend a few minutes re-arranging your home!)

Dear Friend,

When my friend Karen told me she designed her home to attract “good energy” which in turn attracted wealth, love and harmony into her life…well, let’s just say I thought she had fallen completely off her rocker. 

I laughed at her – for a few weeks.  And then something remarkable happened…

Karen’s life DID change.  Suddenly she was happier.  She started dating and she stopped complaining about her job.  When I congratulated her on all her successes, she told me that anyone could do it…just by rearranging their home.

Turns out what she was doing was applying “Feng Shui” techniques to her home.  This is an Ancient Chinese art and science of harnessing good energy (called chi) by careful design of the interior and exterior of the home.

It all sounded pretty hokey and even a little spooky to me…but it couldn’t hurt to try, right?  I mean it certainly couldn’t harm anything to change the paint color and add a mirror or two.

After a few weeks I learned the SECRET!

My life started getting better too!  Maybe things like Feng Shui did change the chi in the room.  Maybe.  But whether it did or not, there’s no denying two important facts:

  1. Color influences your mental and physiological well being.  It’s true!  If you blindfold someone and bathe them in a certain color, their body will actually show measurable physical changes such as increased or decreased heart rate!
  2. When you become consciously aware of what you’d like to change in your life and you make steps towards improving, reality follows your thoughts.  What you focus on expands! 

What does that mean?  It means if you work to improve your home with the intent of improving your life…YOU WILL improve your life!

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