Natural Dog Care


  "Are You Poisoning Your Puppy?"

Every day thousands of people do things to their puppy that they think are GOOD for their puppy - and the vet says so too! 

Then when their pup gets horribly sick they find out the hard way just how wrong they were…

Dear Fellow Dog Lover, 

My vet used to tell me to keep my puppy current on his shots, give him preventative wormers, and keep those fleas off him with those spot-on treatments.  If I didn't do those things he made me feel a little guilty.


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The advice sounded reasonable though.  And after all, this advice was coming from a vet who went to school for years to learn all this stuff.  How could I argue?

But then my eyes started to open…

The first moment of truth hit me when my dog started getting allergies.  The first time I brought her to the vet they gave her a steroid shot.  That night she broke housetraining.  As it turns out, a side effect of steroids is increased urination.  But in my research I also discovered that was quite possibly the least of my worries.  You see, steroids were also being linked to an incredible number of scary diseases.

I wondered what else my vet might have been wrong about…

I couldn't believe my eyes.  To my horror I realized I wasn't feeding her the right sort of food.  I found out the truth about vaccines.  I discovered that I was poisoning my pup every time I treated her for fleas.

All this time I thought I was being a good puppy parent because I was doing exactly what the vet told me to do.  But instead I was opening my poor puppy up to all sorts of illnesses including Addison's disease, epilepsy, allergies, arthritis, and so much more.

If you've read this far you're probably just as horrified as I was when I first discovered this.  But don't worry - no matter how old your dog is there's still time to turn things around for the better.  And I'm here to help by sharing my findings with you.

Introducing "The Natural Dog: an Alternative Look at Caring for Your Best Friend."  Download this amazing book now and you'll discover:

  • Why you might need to reconsider the way you're raising your puppy
  • Startling suggestions from experts who suggest such "wild" ideas as not giving your pup booster shots… (you'll find out what you should do instead)
  • How to find a vet who won't poison your pup or make you feel guilty if you don't want to vaccinate your dog
  • What your dog SHOULD be eating to boost his immunity and give him a healthier, longer life (you can forget bagged food from here on out)
  • How to puppy proof your home to keep your furry friend safe
  • What to do to save your dog's life in an emergency (you need to know this now, because if something happens you won't have time to "look it up")
  • How to safely and naturally keep your dog free of fleas
  • How to prevent common ailments like ear infections

…and so much more!

The information you'll find in this downloadable report could literally save your dog's life.  Take a moment and look into her soulful eyes - isn't she worth it?

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Bruce Dinger

P.S.  Don't bring your dog to the vet again until you've read this startling book cover to cover…because what you don't know CAN kill your best friend…

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